What exactly is SSL and why does my site need it?

The fast and simple answer is that since July of 2019, Google will mark your site as unsafe if you don't have an SSL certificate. And that means you'll lose visitors to your site by the score. But maybe you want to know more... If so, read on. What is it? Secure...

Why WebMom?

Let’s face it, we aren’t aging the way our parents’ generation did.
And so I decided to revive webmom.ca, as a blog for women like me, who feel they are largely being ignored.

Midlife Women Bloggers

As women in our “Second Act” in our society, we are a growing demographic, and more and more of us are using blogging as a means to express ourselves

5 Common WordPress Mistakes

Mistake #1: Using the default username Everybody knows that they need a strong, hard-to-guess password, but you'd be surprised at how often people, even sometimes professionals,  use the default username set by the system (admin, right?). This oversight can cost...

Child Themes

I started this post yesterday and didn't get it finished (that's a subject for another post). And in a wonderful display of synchronicity, while checking my blogging groups on Facebook this morning, I saw a post from someone asking about child themes. And the reply...

Challenge Day 11

I'm going to be falling behind in this Challenge. The Mind part is more than willing, but the Body part is in need of some care. I'm currently suffering from BPPV, and it's starting to really interfere with my life. My doctor has recommended that I limit my screen...

Challenge Day 10

What I'm supposed to do: When your body is fit your mind is clear to write let’s start today with 2 sets of 10 squats.  Make sure you use the proper technique. I did a modified version, holding on to a chair for balance. Not fun. ~ What I'm supposed to write:...

Challenge Day 9

~ What I'm supposed to do: Get your blood flowing and your abs in shape by starting today with 2 sets of 10 sit-ups. Simply put - not a chance.  First, I am suffering from (temporary, I hope) positional vertigo, which means I can't move my head rapidly or the whole...

Challenge Day 8

     Challenge Day 8       ~ What I'm supposed to do: Clear your mind with a 3-minute breathing exercise  – Set timer for two minutes, turn off the TV. close your computer/cell phone, and find a quiet room.  Close your eyes, and slowly, breathe in deep and fill...

Challenge Day 7

     Challenge Day 7       ~ What I'm supposed to do: Let’s keep our body moving and today lets try a simple yet effective yoga pose, The Cow.  Follow this link to help you learn more about this pose. Well, this is actually two poses that flow into each other,...

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