Challenge Day 3      

~ What I’m supposed to do:

  • image of proper squat formWhen your body is fit your mind is clear to write let’s start today with 2 sets of 10 squats.  Make sure you use the proper technique.

Well, I’m not going to be able to do that with the proper technique, either, not with this arthritic old body, but I will do my version, which includes hanging on to the back of a chair.


old lady wearing funny sombreroYou know, I’m getting the impression that this part of the Challenge was probably meant for a younger group, and not an old lady like me.

Luckily, the Writing portion does not have such demanding physical requirements!

~ What I’m supposed to write:

  • Write about your biggest blogging/writing/personal challenge from 2018.

Well, that leaves it pretty wide open, doesn’t it? 2018 was a very challenging year for me on so many levels. I’ve taken some time to think about my topic, and, given that I have had to modify the “Body” portion of this Challenge for the last 2 days, I think that I’m going to focus on the personal aspects.

2018 was the year I finally had to admit to myself that I was starting to have some physical limitations due to my age.

These limitations have been creeping up on me, but 2018 was the year they started to really affect my life in measurable ways.

I’d felt arthritis coming on for a few years, but now it had moved from just my thumbs to my knees and hips, and I feel like an old woman most mornings, getting stiffly out of bed and taking five or ten minutes of walking and stretching to start to feel “normal” again. And my balance is not as good as it used to be – I had to be super careful walking outside in the winter – shuffling along while my daughter walked confidently ahead, the way I used to do.

I’m still an avid gardener, but I don’t spend 5 or 6 hours at a stretch working in the garden anymore. The seven raised beds of mixed plantings of vegetables and flowers that were such a pleasure to maintain have become more like work than recreation, and summer 2018 saw the first year of no vegetables at all, with perennial flowers taking their place – mulch instead of weeding, and no more canning of preserves.

I love to swim, and it’s a great form of low-impact exercise, but the summer of 2018 will go down in the annals of our family as The Year The Pool Broke. The liner ripped, and because of the kind of pool it is, I could not find anyone who was willing to take on the job of replacing it. We spent the summer looking at a big, empty, hole in the ground. I finally did find someone, but by then it was too late in the season, so it’s happening Spring 2019. Undoubtedly that adventure will be another post or two!

Worst of all, my riding, which has always been my joy, my therapy, my “zen time”, has been affected.

I was having a really hard time jetting on to my horse, and my struggles really reduced the pleasure in the ride for both of us.

But there is a solution to almost every problem, although some take longer than others.

It took me several weeks, but I taught my horse to ground tie (stand still without being held or tied up), and now not only can I mount easily, but the bond between us has been strengthened.

So – that’s it for my biggest personal challenge of 2018. It sure doesn’t seem so huge now that I’ve written it down!

Do you have challenges in your life? And have you developed ways to overcome them?

Let me know in the comments.