Challenge Day 5      

~ What I’m supposed to do:

  • Autumn trail ride“Visualization is a great way to relax, manage anxiety, and create the mood.  Today take 5 minutes to do a visualization exercise. Find a calm place, set your timer for 5-minutes.  Now, take a deep breath, close your eyes and start visualizing a place that makes you feel relaxed. It can be a past, present, or future place.  Picture yourself in this place. Who are you with? What are you wearing? Are you eating? Drinking? What is your mood? Think of the colors, textures, sounds, smells.  When the timer beeps take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes and take one more breath.”

Well, that’s pretty wide open! But I know just the place – those of you who know me can guess where it is, and what I’m doing, I bet!

The picture is a hint for the rest of you!

~ What I’m supposed to write:

  • Write a letter to yourself explaining where you are in a year.

Well, let’s see…

Dear Me,

It’s been a very good year. You’re happier than you were a year ago. It seems like most of your worry was caused by health problems and those seem to be behind you now. Other things that have changed have added to your happiness as well, such as:

You’ve gotten more fit – mostly by riding and swimming, but adding that half-hour walk each day has certainly helped!  Chips is looking good for an old guy – the stable you’re at is right on the trails, which he loves, and he is a happy horse. Fingers crossed for more years with him.  Keeping to a schedule with the riding has been very good for him, while sometimes challenging for you (winter riding – UGH!), but you mostly managed it. And let’s face it, scheduling has always been a problem for you, so you’ve improved in that area a LOT!

You had a southern vacation (first in 15 years!) last winter and finally got to see Sue’s place in Florida, and spent a lovely week with your sister at her house in the Bahamas. Glad to get back home? Yes, overall, but you still hate the Canadian winters, more each year.

Your online course, which launched in March, is doing fairly well. Not hauling in enough yet to live large, but a nice steady stream, and even better, very happy students! You’ve made changes to it since it launched, based on suggestions and requests from your students, but you didn’t raise the price because you still feel that what you are charging is fair. Basically, you have to get off your butt and push the marketing on that – note to self – ask for testimonials!

Steve just keeps on keeping on – how does he do it at his age? He does love his work – always knew what he wanted to do and apprenticed at 14, which was normal in the trades in Britain way back then. Planes have changed so much over the years, as have the construction materials and methods used to put them together, but he adapts and keeps going. God bless him. <3

Your daughter’s wedding is coming up – it’s clear that those two were made for each other. They certainly have stuck to their plan,  but 6 years is a pretty long time to wait and I’m so happy that they feel financially set enough to buy a condo. Condo living would never be my choice but they love it, and the location is perfect – not too close to you, but close enough for easy visiting, and very convenient to their work.

The house is looking good – finally had the hardwood floors installed and changed the bathtub. Having the basement back has meant that you could start weaving again, with your loom set up in its own room. So now you’re looking for a spinning wheel, but not just any wheel. you want what used to be called an Indian head wheel, with a big orifice so you can spin bulky or thin, depending on the project. There are brand new upright wheels for sale, but you’d like to find an old one if you can, like the one you had 45 years ago.

That’s about it – you’ve had a pretty good year, and pretty much lived up to your New Year’s phrase of “I can do it.”

Keep up the good work!



Do you have a vision of where you’ll be in a year?

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