Challenge Day 7      

~ What I’m supposed to do:

  • Let’s keep our body moving and today lets try a simple yet effective yoga pose, The Cow.  Follow this link to help you learn more about this pose.

Well, this is actually two poses that flow into each other, called the Cat-Cow. It’s done on hands and knees, so not a challenge strength-wise, but it really felt good and loosened up my lower back, which has been twingeing a bit. I think it will be added to my morning stretching routine, along with the Warrior pose from Day 4.  

~ What I’m supposed to write:

  • Write about the biggest thing you learned in 2018 through a course, book, social media, article, or website.

That’s a tough one. I try to learn things all the time – otherwise, life can get a bit boring.

But maybe the biggest thing I learned in 2018, was through social media.

This comes as a pretty big surprise to me, because I have never put a great deal of importance on social media. Sure, I post on Facebook –  sometimes I post my blog posts but mostly it’s funny stuff or reposts of other people’s funny stuff (have you seen this yet? ROFL much?).

But I’ve been putting together an online course, to teach people how to start a blog, and it’s aimed mostly at women over 50. I started looking for Facebook Groups with that topic, and have joined one that is full of some pretty terrific women who are already blogging, many of whom are in my target age group.

Facebook graphic

You’d think that discovering how many people are already doing what I want to teach would be discouraging. But on the contrary; it shows that there is a lot of interest and it is very encouraging to think that I may be able to help some women to get their voice out there and share experience and viewpoints.


But I think the most important thing I learned came through the women on the group themselves. There is a sense of community and support that I find missing in other groups I have explored. Rather than competing with each other, these wise women are there to help each other succeed, and support each other through encouragement, shared knowledge and experience, and constructive criticism. And I do mean constructive! Instead of pointing out areas for improvement and leaving it at that, these women offer suggestions on how to bring about that improvement, so that instead of leaving the person insecure and questioning their work, they feel buoyed up and positive.

There is a kindness and honesty in this group that is sadly lacking in much of social media, and in society in general, I’m sorry to say.

So I guess you could say that the most important thing I learned from social media in 2018 is just that. Kindness and honesty are out there if you look for them. And sometimes you find them in the most surprising places.

What was the biggest thing you learned in 2018?

Go ahead and share it in the comments!