Challenge Day 8      

~ What I’m supposed to do:

  • Clear your mind with a 3-minute breathing exercise  – Set timer for two minutes, turn off the TV. close your computer/cell phone, and find a quiet room.  Close your eyes, and slowly, breathe in deep and fill your lungs fully with air, then slowly release the air, when the timer goes off open eyes and complete one more deep breath and release slowly.

I did this and liked it so much I did it again! Give it a try!

~ What I’m supposed to write:

  • Write a list of five ways you can take care of yourself.

OK – here I go!


    • WebMom on her horse, smilingHorse time. This is first and foremost. Time with my horse is my time, mine alone. Whether I’m riding, grooming, doing groundwork, or just hanging out, I am in the moment, nothing else weighs on me. You can’t safely be anything but focused on what you’re doing, when you’re around horses. And the connection, the joy and calm, is something that not everyone can understand, but it is so real. It’s impossible for me to feel stressed at the stables. The stables are my “Zen place”.


    • Mornings. The most important thing that I do in the morning happens before I even get out of bed. I read somewhere that you should think of three good things that happened to you that day before you go to sleep. I tried that, but all the other not-so-great stuff kept floating up too, and it wasn’t having the effect I was looking for. Then I started to do it in the morning. Somehow, all the crappy stuff fades while I sleep, and I can think of three good things that happened the day before quite easily. It starts my day on a very positive note. Which is important, because it’s immediately followed by stretching, which is nowhere near as fun as it looks in the videos!


    • WebMom's BookshelvesBook time. I read voraciously, and have a trading system set up with some friends so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I read mostly thrillers, murder mysteries, some with a bit of romance thrown in. I don’t really read a lot of non-fiction. I have one friend who loves true crime – but my life is real enough – when I read I want to be in someone else’s imaginary world.


    • WebMom's Garden in SpringGarden time. Again, this is something I do alone. Sadly, my daughter has no interest in gardening and my husband? Well, he’d be happy in a condo downtown. Although I hear he sometimes brags to his friends ho nice my gardens look…  Unfortunately, this is not a winter activity, so I double down on the reading in the winter.


  • WebMom in classroomLearning. Every year I go back to school, either at John Abbot college or at Dawson College. I take courses in computer languages, coding, design – things that help me keep up-to-date in my business. And things that keep my brain muscle working, so it doesn’t get old and tired. I’ve always been happy learning – my resumé, if I had one, would show quite clearly that once I learned how to do a new job well, I got bored and moved on to something else. It’s why I love horses and gardens so much – always something new to learn, never the same two days in a row. And it’s why I love the work I do, designing and developing websites. No two the same, always new challenges.


I’m sure many of you have noticed that there is no mention of anything including my family in my list of 5 things. That’s because family is so integral to my life, it surrounds me, is always with me, is not separate from me. I do many things with and for my family, and those things by definition include me. But this article was to be about things I do to care for myself, only, and so there you have it.

How do you take care of yourself? Are there things you do every day? Every week?

Why not share it in the comments!