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I’ve been seeing so many wonderful, heartfelt expressions of support for our frontline workers during this crisis. And I wholeheartedly agree that they are truly heroes to be exposing themselves daily to this horrible virus. I do whatever I can to support them.

But I’d like to acknowledge the unsung heroes of this catastrophic event. Those who have stayed home, those who have honoured the social distancing, those who have waited, sometimes for days, to be able to pick up their groceries rather than having to go into the stores. The Moms who are trying to figure out homeschooling, the Dads who are worried about being able to support their families, the single parents whose support structure of schools and daycares has collapsed, the exercise coaches who are putting their paid services online for free, the volunteers sewing masks, the guards who are making sure that social distancing rules are being followed in public places, sometimes in the face of insult and ridicule, or even bodily harm..

The people contributing to and manning the food banks, those who are part of a newly devised phone tree, checking on neighbours and friends, those who are feeling so fragile that the best they can do is stay home and wait it out as best they can, but who still persevere in the face of fear and loneliness.

The people who are using social media to reach out – often to people they have never met – offering support and a connection that may be so desperately needed.

There are so many truly fragile people out there who need a word of encouragement; “ordinary” people who realize the seriousness of this pandemic for all of us, who are doing all they can in the face of personal tragedy and fear to support and contribute to the flattening of the curve, whose lives have been disrupted in so many ways; physical, financial, and emotional – the list is long and humbling.

These quiet heroes deserve our thanks as well.