I’m so excited…

…to be bringing this old blog of mine back to life! If you’ll notice, there’s a submenu item under “Back to School”, called “Original Posts From 2009” – those blog posts are from way back when I went back to College to study web design and coding.

I look back on those posts now and the memories are so fresh – it hardly seems as though 10 years have passed. But that’s the way my life’s been going lately – it seems to be rushing by, full of interesting stuff – some good, some not so good.

And I want to share my thoughts, the laughs, the lessons I’ve learned, and hope that the visitors to this site will find some value in it, or at least see it as something interesting to read on a rainy afternoon.

Let’s face it…

…we aren’t aging the way our parents’ generation did. We are all living much longer and more active lives.

We certainly have more choices open to us than ever before. It’s time to shift our priorities, to focus on what really matters, and realize how much freedom we have in this “Second Act” of our lives. To decide that we have authority over our own lives.

And no matter what you call us – perennials, mid-lifers, the ageless generation – we are women in our prime! 

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My garden photo album

My garden photo album

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