I’m so excited…

…to be bringing this old blog of mine back to life! If you’ll notice, there’s a menu item called “Original Posts From 2009” – those blog posts are from way back when I went back to College to study web design and coding.

I look back on those posts now and the memories are so fresh – it hardly seems as though 10 years have passed. But that’s the way my life’s been going lately – it seems to be rushing by, full of interesting stuff – some good, some not so good.

And I want to share my thoughts, the laughs, the lessons I’ve learned, and hope that the visitors to this site will find some value in it, or at least see it as something interesting to read on a rainy afternoon. 


From the Blog

Challenge Day 9

~ What I'm supposed to do: Get your blood flowing and your abs in shape by starting today with 2 sets of 10 sit-ups. Simply put - not a chance.  First, I am suffering from (temporary, I hope) positional vertigo, which means I can't move my head rapidly or the whole...

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Companion planting tips for Zucchini

11 Companion Plants to Grow with Zucchini Zucchini is one of the three sister vegetables (beans, corn, and squash) meaning that they all grow well together. When planting zucchini and other squash, keep in mind that they are "heavy feeders" and require more...

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Challenge Day 10

~ What I’m supposed to do: When your body is fit your mind is clear to write let’s start today with 2 sets of 10 squats.  Make sure you use the proper technique. I did a modified version, holding on to a chair for balance. Not fun. ~ What I’m supposed to write:...

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Challenge Day 8

     Challenge Day 8       ~ What I'm supposed to do: Clear your mind with a 3-minute breathing exercise  – Set timer for two minutes, turn off the TV. close your computer/cell phone, and find a quiet room.  Close your eyes, and slowly, breathe in deep and fill...

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