Special COVID 19 Offer
for Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Times are hard and don’t look like they’re going to get much easier soon. I see so many businesses having to pivot to stay afloat, and so many people are upgrading their part-time income to full-time. I see the ads on Facebook for home businesses increasing exponentially.

I have been supporting local businesses as much as I can with my purchases since COVID started. Amazon and Walmart don’t need my dollars as much as my friends and neighbours do.

And now I’d like to go further than that to do what I can to help local businesses get their message out. I normally charge $350 for a one-page brochure style website, but I know most people don’t want to or are not able to afford that right now.

So I have a special offer for local businesses. A one-page website with a business email and a working contact form, for only $200.

Step #1 - Domain name

If you can’t get the domain name that is “yourbusiness.com”, don’t worry. I will help you to find a domain name that reflects your business and clearly lets people know what you are offering. 

You can buy a domain name from anywhere that sells them, but I recommend Siteground. I use them myself, because they have amazing customer service.

Please note: I will not work with GoDaddy. I have encountered too many problems with them in the past.

Step#2 - Get Your Site

You’ll get a 1-page website, using one of my pre-made templates, for only $200.

I’ll use your existing branding, logo, and colours, and there will be a working contact form.

You’ll provide your own text, and can include up to 6 images.

There will also be links to all of your social media, Etsy store, etc., and you’ll be added to Google My Business, which will enable Local Search.

Please note: this is not a full-fledged e-commerce site, you will not be able to sell directly from this page.

To see the templates included in this offer, please CLICK HERE.

pop art retro woman in comics style talking on the phone, vector illustration

Our Neighbours.

Our Community.

The best compliment is a referral, and word of mouth is HUGE, so remember to give a referral to the local businesses you support!