Well, it’s been some time since my last post – and I have been making decisions.

The biggest one is: I’m going to start my own business.

Wow – look at that – one little sentence and my whole life is about to change.

Now, this is not a lightly-made decision. I have thought about little else for days, made lists of pros and cons, discussed it with my husband and daughter, my sister, my best friend, my jobs counselor at Emploi-Qébec, and several of my former classmates. The real deciding factor, however, was the advice of the man who for eight weeks was my supervisor at the company where I did my internship. He told me he would write me a letter of recommendation anytime I asked, but that he thought I should start my own business.

This is a man who has worked in this field for some time, and I value his opinion and trust his judgment. When I added his input to all the other reasons I had for considering this option, it began to seem like it had a real possibility of success.

Now I have to research what resources may be available to me, and figure out how to go about starting this new enterprise.

Wish me luck…