A friend of mine recently emailed me to complain that too much time had passed since I updated this blog. I hadn’t realized that there were rules about how often one had to post – I had thought it was sufficient to post only when I actually had something to say. So, now it seems a new responsibility has been added to my life – like I need more stuff on my “must-do” list!

Anyway, I decided to do some research online and find out what kind of “posting Interval” was considered optimum. Imagine my (appalled) surprise when I found out that most bloggers manage to write something every day!  Are they NUTS?! Or are they all living at home in the basement and still getting Mom to do their laundry and cook their meals? If so, that won’t work for me – I may fit the “nuts” part, but in my family, I am the Mom!

During the course of my research I found out that not only was I supposed to post way more often than I have been doing, but I needed to make my posts available on many of the different “Social Networking” sites. My social networking skills are at best rudimentary, but I will get my daughter to coach me and will soon catch up, I’m sure. Eventually I may even get to the point where I don’t have to look up my Facebook username every time I log in…

As well as social networking, I’m also supposed to do SEO on the blog.  There are actually people out there who make a living (!) by writing articles for other people’s blogs, based on a list of keywords given by the blog’s owner. Apparently, the more often you update (and outlink and backlink and loop-de-loop) the better your blog will rate in the search engines. Since I have e-mailed the URL of this blog to everyone I want to read it, I’m not going to worry about that right now, if ever.  If strangers find it and have comments to make, well and good.  I see that a couple of folks I don’t know have already commented on what I have written (Anna, I will reply to your comment as soon as I finish writing this post). It is flattering, if a little unsettling, that people I don’t even know will take the time to read and comment on my stuff.

So, apparently, once you start a blog, you are required to keep adding to it. I have no problem with that. But I am still not convinced that posting often, even if you have nothing to say, is better than posting less frequently when there is something you want to put out there for examination and discussion. If there is a specific interval that is decreed as the optimum for adding stuff, I’m not sure I could adhere to it even if I could find out what it is.

After all the varied and sometimes very confusing information I have gathered about blogging in general, and specific blogging tactics in particular, I have come to the conclusion that the way I started out is, for me, the best way to continue. So I will write whenever I feel I have some comment to make, and whoever reads this can just make the best of it.

Sorry, Jess.